With a selection of hazardous area enclosures and frequently used components in stock S3C can design and modify enclosures to your specific requirements, whilst maintaining the original manufacturer's certification and ship within days.

With a large stock inventory of both stainless steel and non metallic ATEX Certified enclosures plus access to a wide range of different finishes, including: electro-polishing, polyester powder coating, pickled and other customised finishes on request, S3C offers an unparalleled customisation service for both certified and general use enclosure.

Control stations are designed and manufatured to meet a customer's unique requirement with any number of switches, pushbuttons, lights or meters. S3C can produce either, certified Hazardous area or general use equipment utilising Stainless Steel, painted steel or non metallic materials.

Our higly trained technicians have experience of manufacturing multiple cabinet arrangements with interlinking wiring to the most exacting of customer requirements.

S3C's engineering team can design and assemble cabinets to control a wide range of pneumatic products.

With access to some of the world's largest enclosure manufacturers S3C can offer realistically priced enclosures for all applications.

S3C can also provide the ultimate service by supplying the complete package such as sampling systems, comprising standard mixer and collection modules, conduit & fittings plus a custom populated enclosure, skids are fully wired, fully tested just waiting installation.