For the most effective corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free method of joining flanged pipes, fittings, building structures, grantries, platforms. S3C's DURABOLT ™ fastener are designed to offer protection against the most severe corrosive environments - offshore, on-shore, sub-marine, sub-surface, extreme temperature, and most chemical atmosphere. The topcoat's low-coefficient of friction, together with the corrosion resitance of the basecoat, ensures easy removal of fasteners and an increased life-span, thus saving on expensive downtime and maintenance. The DURABOLT coating allows the use of standard steel bolts in environments where more costly and exotic materials would normally be specified. Different grades of DURABOLT can be supplied for diverse working temperatures, permitting operative temperatures from -40° to 537° Celsius.
The DURABOLT range of Corrosion Resistant, Clean Release fasteners has been specially developed for installation in particularly agressive operating environments. DURABOLT incorporates a two stage Composite Fluoropolymer/Ceramic coating system. The basecoat applied to DURABOLT utilizes an extremely hard ceramic matrix alloy known as Ceralume, which provides exceptional corrosion and abraion resitance to the fasteners. The Fluoropolymer topcoat is designed to ensure that the threads remains permanently dry-lubricated, making torqueing up easier and preventing subsequent corrosion seizure.

Installations where fasteners are required to operate in extremely corrosive or humid conditions, such as those found in splash zones, sub sea zones, buried, underground, sour service applications and areas where exposure to corrosive chemicals may be experienced. DURABOLT fasteners are particularly suitable for making up flanged pipe and valve connections as well as bolting together platforms, gantries and structural steelwork operating in corrosive environments.