A high quality, thick film, PolyVinylChloride resin coating system designed for application to galvanised steel substrates. The applied coating incorporates a sophisticated pre-treatment process which is designed to porvide to tenacious bond protecting the substrate from corrosion, at the same time providing aesthetic appeal. PVC coatings demostrate excellent weathering resitance including good chalking restance in exposed conditions.

For fence post and hardware installed in humid and heavily salt laten, corrosive environments particularly coastal and exposed locations.

Standard colour is dark green although others colours are available upon request, subject to a minimum quantity.

S3c can also apply a vast range of other coating materials including epoxies, polyethylene, nylon, PVC, PTFE (fluorocarbons), EVA as well as a range of acrylic, SDIP, Polyester and PVDF architectural finishes.


Recommeded Coating Thickness250 - 380 microns nominal
Working Temperature Range80°C continous
Corrosion Resistance
ASTM B 117 Salt Spray Test
1000 hours exposure
Elongation250% at break
Impact Strenght1.7 joules Gardener Drop weight @ 23°C
Hardness85 Shore A
Abrasion50mg/10 Taber H18, 500grm.
RepairabilityPossible, please consult S3C