High Voltage Insulator Coatings (HVIC) are single-part silicone RTV coatings designed for high voltage insulators, instrument transformer and other high voltage devices where surface contamination ca cause insulation issues.

S3C has a qualified project management team with approved and trained applicators, quality assurance inspectors and supervisors, and all the necessary applications and quality-inspections

S3C is the exclusive local distributor and approved applicator of Dow Corning Xiameter® ECE-3650 Sylgard HVIC coating material, and are market leaders in providing a cost-effective, reliable and maintenance-free solution for high voltage systems.

Our product and service enables us to provide a professional and innovative solution to electricity sector comapanies where preventive maintenace is key.


S3C will profesionally apply Heavey Duty Protective Coatings, Fire Retardant Coatings, High Build or Thin-Film Coatings as per customer requirement and to coating-manufacturer specification.

Our trained and skilled coatings applicators together with dedicated quality inspectors and team supervisors utilize the best coatings systems and the lates applications equipment and surface preparation technologies.

Whis is why S3C is one of the top approved coatings applicators in the entire region, recognized by leading international and local coatings manufatures.