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Xiameter Sylgard HVIC

S3C is the market leaders in the Middle East for providing RTV silicone rubber coating/ High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC), a solution for prevention to leakage current and flashover on high voltage system. We are the approved applicators and exclusive distributors of Xiameter®ECE-3650 Sylgard HVIC manufactured by Dow Corning, USA for Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries.

Our first RTV coating application with Dow Corning's Sylgard HVIC was in SEC's Shoiba power plant in the year 2000. Since then we have applied Sylgard HVIC in more than 200 projects including but not limited to SEC, Kahramaa, MEW Kuwait, GCCIA 400 KV interconnection, S. Aramco, SABIC, MARAFIQ, SWCC, Tatweer Petroleum, GDF Suez power plant switchyards, Emirates Aluminum etc. including substations and overhead transmission lines.

In response to electrical utilities requirement, Dow Corning pioneered the concept of an RTV elastomer in 1970 Sylgard HVIC is a patented formulation specifically formulated for high voltage insulators for long-term protection against pollution induced flashovers by suppressing development of leakage currents due to a dynamic and interactive surface which retards water film formation and contamination solubility Arc track resistance additives Longer in-service life. Sylgard HVIC used the same formulation since 1974.
Laboratory trials/tests 1970 - 1974 and 10 years of field evaluation with major US electrical utilities 1974 - 1984 Sylgard is commercially available since 1984 Over 30 years of severe on site testing and experience from 11kV to 500kV.Extensive independent industry testing (Lab & Field) successfully evaluated by major global test facilitiesSylgard HVIC successfully at hundreds of problems sites in USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Advantage of Coating Over Water Washing for High Voltage Insulator

Over Water Washing for High Voltage Insulator. A correctly specified and applied Insulator coating provides freedom from repetitive water washing for up to 20 years (depending on location) with the following additional benefits.

No risk of:
•  Insulator damage during repeated wash cycle
•  Having to re-wash due to changing weather patterns
•  Increased washing frequency as line ages
•  No Flashover during
      »  live line washing
      »  on insulator missed during cleaning
      »  on insulator incorrectly cleaned
      »  from washing contractors using the wrong water quality
      »  from sand storms removing the porcelain glaze

Other Benefits

The Coating can also be:
•  water washed if required

•  inspected coating effectiveness

•  over coated in the future (normally at much less than the original cost) to extend the life by another 10 - 15 years.

The coating has:
•  No detrimental effect on the insulator or its performance

•  Noincreaes the wet flashover voltage capbility of the insulator and has been    used effectively increase the creepage distance

•  may also reduce electricity loses through corona effect reduction

•  will minimize surface damage from electrical activity during extreme weather    conditions will not be damged by wind driven sand.

Why Choose S3C

•  Pioneers of RTV coating in middle east with extensive experience
•  Using advance technology for higher productivity
•  ISO 9001 certified
•  Highest quality product tested by external bodies
•  Backed by Dow Corning
•  On site or factory based application on new / existing equipment
•  Overhead transmission lines or substation
•  Multiple approvals
•  Skilled execution team
•  Complete project management by professional team
•  Designed for the applications
•  Special packaging
•  Regular Inspection
•  No substitutes
•  Local applicator

It is recommended that washing is not undertaken just because the insulator "look dirty". The coating should only be washed if there is washed if there is evidence of increased noise or surface electrical activity. Washing may remove the protective silicon oils from the surface which would take around 24 hours to recover.